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Ertan National Forest Park

updated on:2019-04-29

  Ertan National Forest Park is a national AAAA scenic spot and a national model for industrial tourism. Located next to the downtown area of Yanbian County, the park is more than 20km away from the downtown and lies on the famous tourism route of Chengdu – Emei – Xichang – Panzhihua – Kunming. The scenery here is famous for the unique mountains, elegant waters, and quiet forests, which helps it gain the reputation of “mountains similar with the Three Gorges and waters better than the Lijiang River”. Here, the magnificent power station, the emerald lake with wide expanse of mist-covered waters, the green mountains enclosing the lake, and the vast virgin forest constitute a natural Chinese ink landscape painting beyond words, just like a fairyland on the earth, very much matching the reputation of “hundred miles of art gallery, ink landscape painting Ertan”.