Superior Resources

Mineral Resources

updated on:2019-04-29

As one of China's four major iron mines, Panzhihua has 7.18 billion tons of proven iron ore (mainly V-bearing titaniferous magnetite), accounting for 72.3% of that of Sichuan. The associated titanium reserve accounts for 93% of that of China, ranking first in the world. The associated vanadium reserve accounts for 63% of that of China, ranking third in the world. After years of development and utilization, the city's retained reserve of V-bearing titaniferous magnetite is 6.64 billion tons, including 430 million tons of associated titanium (TiO2) and 10.203 million tons of associated vanadium (V2O5).  In addition, there are 27,000 tons of proven cobalt reserve and other associated rare precious metals such as chromium, gallium, scandium, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, manganese, and platinum. Retained reserves of non-metallic minerals are: 340 million tons of coal, 15.552 million tons of crystalline graphite, 20.775 million tons of Juque inkstone, 340 million tons of flux limestone, 47.435 million tons of dolomite for metallurgical use, 12.098 million tons of refractory clay, 13.556 million tons of diatomite, and 81.2 million cubic meters of granite.