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Animal Resources

updated on:2019-04-29

  Panzhihua City is rich in wildlife resources and has a wide variety of species. There are 287 species (including subspecies) of wild vertebrates in the territory, accounting for 22.21% of the total species (including subspecies) of animals in Sichuan Province, while its area is less than 2% of the total area of Sichuan. Among them, there are 5 classes and 158 species of wild economic animals, including 7 orders, 12 families, 25 species and 4 subspecies of mammals, 6 orders, 26 families, 30 species and 38 subspecies of aves, 3orders, 5 families, and 9 species of reptiles, 1 order, 4 families, and 7 species of amphibian, and 4 orders, 14 families, and 45 species of fishes. There are 19 species of rare wild animals listed among national protected animals, accounting for 32.20% of the 59 species of rare wild animals of that kind in Sichuan. In addition, there are 4 species of raptors, accounting for 10.81% of the 37 species of raptors in Sichuan Province.